Saturday, April 28, 2012

Weekend Ahoy!

This weekend is a double-header, much excitement and activity abounds!

Today I am with the wonderful and hilarious Tamara Houseman and we will be at her daughter Jessica's Farm, Blueberry Barnyard to teach organic beekeeping. FREE farm tours, food, and fun...or you can learn about organic beekeeping the way my grandfather did it--old-fashioned, no-pesticide beekeeping!  CLASSES START AT 10AM today--we'd love to see you!
If you are in the Geneseo, IL, stop on by! See more HERE

THEN, THIS SUNDAY I will be in Donahue Iowa, with the amazing Cathy Linker Lafrenz at her amazing paradise farm. I've been going there for each of the three Iowa journeys I've been on--it's a slice of heaven!

We will be doing a SPRING EGGSTRAVAGANZA! I will be teaching you how to make flower decorated eggs, and we will be baking a souffle and cheesecake and showing you how, too! We will have food and fun here also! $25/per person for a wonderful day. Email cmlafrenz(at)netins(dot)net to reserve a space or for questions!

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