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The Bee Queen....

Artist Rendering by Lori Crace
I wanted to preface this post by sending out a huge THANK YOU to all of the kind words, emails, and other expressions of love that have surprised and overwhelmed my family and I. I am simply overwhelmed by the magnitude of this large display of love! Truly, there are no words for everyday kindness, even from people we did not know, what a sweet display of humanity...I am honored.

With that said, I am continuing on with the original journey--I had been scheduled to go to the Midwest starting THIS SATURDAY, to teach various workshops there. My father would expect nothing less in behavior than to keep one's word, and I cannot disappoint my friends from the Midwest, who have worked and organized so much to have me come and teach at their farms, and in their communities.

And, to be fair, I LOVE these people. Truly, I consider them extensions of my family, they have been generous and truthful with me, I owe them much, and miss them often. So I am STILL looking forward to my Iowa and Illinois adventures, teaching beekeeping, cooking, crafts, and much more. If you'd like to see how this mayhem started, you can read the story of my first bee teaching adventures to Iowa HERE.

And if you are in Iowa or Illinois, we'd love to see you!

So below, you may find a description of each class, event, and perhaps a bit about each host on my adventures to Iowa. I will be going there with the spirit of happiness, and am ready to teach, and learn, as always...

I should probably mention, as far as beekeeping is concerned, that these Organic Beekeeping classes are  based on my grandfather's WWII era European beekeeping teachings, and have previously been taught throughout the Midwest! I have also been featured in the bee movie Queen Of The Sun for my beekeeping, and in the New York Daily News and Bronx Free Press. You Learn the true way to work with bees based on their behavior, WITHOUT the use of pesticides or chemicals!

April 21st
South Pork Ranch Farm Day and Beekeeping Class with Zan Asha
South Pork Ranch LLC
32796 E 750 North Rd
Chatsworth, IL 60921

FREE ADMISSION--OPEN FARM DAY! You do NOT need to sign up for beekeeping to come for farm day! A great day of beekeeping, farm tours, and farm store offerings of South Pork's renown soaps, pasture raised pork and beef, and raw milk!
For directions please see the map on the farms website or call 815-635-3414

My friend Donna OShaughnessy is also a wonderful writer and a contributor to my other farming website. She has an amazing sense of humor and good-will (find her humorous and educational farm tales HERE). She and her husband have dedicated themselves to their farm, which offers organic raw milk and grass fed beef and pork, and is a place that feels like old-time farming. They respect their animals and operate in an amazingly ethical way. They will be offering their raw milk, soap bars (these are amazing!), and other wonderful farm products as well as doing farm tours throughout the day!

I will also be offering my bee classes in the middle of all of this but again, YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE REGISTERED for beekeeping classes to come and have fun! I look forward to seeing you!

Organic Beekeeping 101 (Beginner's): 10:30a - 1:30pm

Organic Beekeeping 102 (Advanced): 2-5pm

MORE INFORMATION and early registration is HERE

April 22nd

Organic Beekeeping Classes with Zan Asha at Antiquity Oaks
Cornell, IL

For directions please email or call 815-358-2450

Antiquity Oaks is home to self-sustainability expert, speaker, and author Deborah Niemann. Her latest book Homegrown and Handmade is HERE and you can find more on Antiquity Oaks HERE and HERE. We will be teaching organic beekeeping at Antiquity Oaks AND rendering wax into ornaments, expect a lot of learning and fun!

Organic Beekeeping 101 11a-2pm

Organic Beekeeping 102 2-5pm

MORE INFO and early registration is HERE:

April 28th 
Blueberry Barnyard Farm Day and Beekeeping with Zan Asha
9659 Us hwy 6 Geneseo IL 61254

FREE ADMISSION for Open farm day! YOU DO NOT NEED to sign up for a beekeeping class to come see us!  Open Farm Day featuring Zan's beekeeping plus tons of animal fun, and wonderful farm items for sale and a meet and greet!!. Join us on this open farm day!

My friend Tamara is passionate about farming, Blueberry Barnyard is a venture between her and her daughter in u pick blueberries, along with keeping goats, chickens. Their historic farm is beautiful, and they will be hosting an open farm day all day, and I will be teaching beekeeping in the middle of fun and festivities.

Again, YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE REGISTERED for my classes to meet us! We hope to see you soon!

Organic Beekeeping 101 10-1pm

Meet and  Greet/Festivities  1 - 2pm

Organic Beekeeping 102 2-5pm

For more details, or to register, CLICK HERE

MAY 13th
Organic Beekeeping and Meet and Greet with Zan Asha
Host Dawn Suarez
2211 North 8th Avenue
Winterset, IA, 50273

Good friend Dawn is an amazing holistic practitioner: a massage therapist, henna artist, dance enthusiast--she has agreed to host our beekeeping  classes on her 10 acre farm. Join us FOR A FREE MEET AND GREET mid-day, or take on of my organic beekeeping classes!

Organic Beekeeping 101  10a-1pm

Meet and Greet Luncheon  1-2pm

Organic Beekeeping 102  2-5pm

For more information or to register, CLICK HERE

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