Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Wish Caravan...

And so here we are again, swiftly rushed to the end, and beginning, of a year. Where this time is magicked off to, I'll never know, both a wonderment and dread--there is no stopping this forward, far-too-fast ride, and yet one should at least enjoy the scenery of this mad shuttle, this rumpus caravan.

The past year was an odd alchemy, possibly more sharply divided in its light and dark parts than I'd dared believed. And yet you've kept right along, though I do worry over you, Good Reader, that you seem to relish the valleys of my adventures as opposed to those good-news majestic mountain-tops?  Who knows, human nature is one that is a curious, humorous thing, I suppose, and I must laugh good-naturedly at such curiosity.

I do not know what to make of the past year, it is a baked good of many ingredients, both sour and savory: I'd gone on massive, massive adventures that glittered glorious in the foreground, but brooded in uncertainty behind the scenes. I'd gone to TWO different states in search of dream jobs, only to have them Earth-shatteringly crushed beneath me. I went on a family journey to another country, and while it was amazingly satisfying, it simply reminded me of and extraordinary background that I did not seem to be doing justice.

Indeed, more than anything, there was a lot of moving around but more stagnation than I'd ever known. Normally, the younger version of myself would have helmed shows in New York, written, hosted radio shows, gone on far more excursions, and done more art.  Somehow, this year, there was so-much-and-so-little going on that it somehow became a muddled circular jaunt that led to nothing but confusion, and this hound is exhausted, tired of chasing lures that were perhaps not quite real, after all.

I suppose there would have been a complete loss of confidence in all my endeavors but for the surprise surge of good compassion that I would have never seen coming this holiday.  All those funny soaps and pretty-making goods, and all sorts of artwork were being requested, left and right.  It broke my heart into grateful little pieces that people bothered with these things, as the world is full of too many big box items, but also, far more talented artists and artisans than I. So, for someone to specifically request my handiworks, or even to write me such pretty things like: "I wanted to give this painting of yours as a gift, but it is so beautiful that I decided to keep it for myself," reduced me to humble tears.

So what to do next?  I reckon I move along slowly on The Wish Caravan, a place of simple hopes and expectations. Call these resolutions, though I won't nearly try to set myself up to standards; my problem in the last year or so was that there were far too many projects, so overwhelming that it became a game of sorts as to where to step forward. Exciting, yes, but also overwhelming.

Here I know that I love writing. So I am hoping to write every day and post , though I keep saying this every year, so let's just cross fingers, shall we? I can also say I fancy drawing and art. So I will say that every day, I will show a piece of work, whether it even be a quick sketch. A few of you voiced a love of clocks and other woodgigs, so those will be worked with.
Speaking of which, here is your FIRST clock of this YEAR! I am still fiddling about with it, but you may recognize who or what it's about?

I've yet to deal properly, and of course, it has yet to be fitted with clock-parts. This wood piece has a few flaws, but it will probably be daubed in gouache, and hopefully will be fit for finding a new home in a week.

Beyond the art shenanigans, I also wish to build up this traveling love of mine, and here writing and travel come together in not one, but two books that are being edited as we speak. Of course, publishing it may be another hurdle to bound over, entirely, and I will keep you posted on that.

Further, there is a vast slew of videos that have been backlogged, when I was actually FILMING all these travel adventures. Of course, actual editing was delayed because THINGS. JUST. KEPT. COMING.  But what use is the filming if there's no one viewing it?  So I promised to bring this little project together, and maybe these stories wouldn't seem like disjointed ramblings? We'll see.  There are other ideas and projects that ramble in my head, but I will wait until they actually are pawing at the opening gate before I cry it all over town.

In the meantime, I wish you daily peace, and the strength to mountain-climb your life. I hope all manner of creativity and witty wisdom head your way. I wish you quiet nights, and laughing with friends and family, and knowing it will be alright, in the end. I wish your family health, and your furry friends, too (if you are the animal-loving sort), and breathtaking moments that make you amazed to be alive. That is the Wish Caravan, making its way to you.

Until then, tell me, what are YOUR wishes for this year?

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