Wednesday, April 2, 2014

30 Days

There's a whole lotta art--and other shenanigans--going on around here lately...

Aptly, it would be a touch past April Fool's as I write this, for as fun as it's been around here, it's also settled into something of a somber soiree. It's mixed bag of wondering and worry, and a frenzied fury of work that needs to be done.

In 30 days, I shall pack my satchels for another big journey.

It's a four state tour,as you may have heard me hem-and-haw about in this last several posts, and in some ways it's a long-shot risk for me, and in some ways it's just another tip of the old hat. Yeah, I've been on the road for a good part of three years, but it's not a free-flowing whirlwind. No, the Oz behind the curtain is still a fumbling mortal, and backstage, there is just a lot of humble planning going on. A. LOT.

There is crescendo of painting madness, a firestorm of woodworking, and herbal concocting galore. I shall have soaps, art, flavored honeys, and shiny things of all sorts to peddle...and still, the rush to finish these is but one speck of the strange conucopia coming from this cottage.

There are class programs, and diagrams, and old pictures to sort. There is a mamoth and grumpily ancient van to service, advertisments that are constantly bugled online, in flyers, and everywhere--but hopefully not so much that they are annoying...and so much vigilance and hope that this someone helps or inspires someone, and also at least gets me to travel round, and meet YOU.

In the meantime, I will show you this 30 days of carnival mayhem, a rodeo of little sleep, crossed fingers, and wild anticipation. Perhaps you'd like to participate? Even if I cannot see you, I have many wares and items to peddle, and it would certainly help my little journey for any coin-and-banknote love, and you would be getting well made, well loved items to go into your home.
Of course, good wishes are equally cherished....

 Clocks seem to be multiplying....

A few of them are going to the Philly Haunted Halloween Convention...(which is quite exciting! I'd yet to be invited to a national show!)

This wee lass is "The Spinner" and is set to be one of those clocks that I sell on the road. However, I AM prepared to sell her if someone should want her.
$180 INCLUDES SHIPPING. She is a functioning clock of acrylic, oil, gouache, and ink on a real log slab. One of  A Kind!

This Queen of Hearts is still for sale.
. A functioning clock on scrolled wood of acrylic and ink pen. "Off With Her Head" is written at the bottom.  Email beyondvagabond(at) for more details...

A bevvy of forest creatures is in the works! The one in the middle is a teeny hedgehog clock. The Hungarians call this fellow "Needle Pig" and the Roma call it "HotchiWitchi" or Old Magic Man. In any case, the finished product should have a bit of magic of its own

The owls will be $43 with shipping and are simple hanging magical charms.
The clock is $85 with shipping when done. Email me if interested beyondvagabond(at)

Not to be outdone, there are several organic soaps and beauty items being crafted and these, too, are always looking for nice homes...
Or feel free to browse amongst my curious little items if you wish.

Finally, I wanted to toot a small horn and highlight a bit of news happening in the next few days--I will be posting a video for an online fundraiser! So please stay tuned!

So until then, friends, please excuse me, and this strange, colorful, feisty mess I will be making. 30 days is much too soon--how does one fit in enough mischief in this time?

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