Monday, March 3, 2014

The Whole Shebang

                                               Teaching Beekeeping ~ Iowa 2011

"Opportunity doesn't knock, and you answer it. YOU knock, and opportunity answer" ~ American Proverb

rom time to time, I have people--some far more accredited and accomplished than I--ask HOW I am doing this?  How on Earth have I managed to have this funny touring life, this life of art and teaching and unusual jobs?

The answer is not complicated: I just ask. I ask people to be part of my projects, and I ask to be part of theirs. When I have interviewed people, when I have been interviewed, when I teach classes--these usually start with a straightforward inquiry.  To me this sounds simple, but it floors ME that people are floored by it. Really? That's all you do? Aren't you afraid of rejection? I remember even my landlady's husband, a cynical veteran of the t.v. commercial production world, asked me that question, bug-eyed with disbelief.

The answer is both YES, and no. See, I suppose I'm afraid of rejection, but I'm also afraid--MORE afraid--of missed opportunities. So if I think there is a sliver of hope to do something that lights my little grey soul on fire, I'll make the attempt. As my stubbornly brave father used to say: "Sure, you'll get a 'no' from some people some of the time. But if you NEVER ask, you're going to a get a 100% NO answer!"
The man had a point.

Right now, I'm in the middle of creating a little adventure again! It's happening, Folks!  So the news is that I will be traveling to the Northeast this Spring--starting in May, to be exact. The Northeast is sort of a homecoming, of sorts, since the whole shebang started from New York City. However, this time around, I'll be in places I've never been before--parts of Massachusetts and New Jersey--and who knows where?

That's where you come in. See, I've never considered this a loner's journey. The whole thing is wrapped up in YOUR participation, no matter how small. Indeed, any advice, thoughts, and even your eyes skimming this post is appreciated in ways that you could not know.

So, here's the LATEST NEWS...and ways you can participate!

* May 1st and 3rd-- I will be teaching folk beekeeping and herbalism and doing a huge honey cooking class as part of a whole May Day fest at Walker Homestead in Massachusetts. More details to come!

* Also on May 3rd and 4th ~ MY ART is traveling more than I am! My clocks, and enchanted paintings will most likely be at the SpookyTime Jingles booth at the National Halloween Convention in Philadelphia! Stay tuned for more!

*May 16th-18th! A Ton of dance, art, and herbal classes are happening at Jersey Made! You can click  for registration details!  CLICK ON MY NEW CLASS SCHEDULE LIST TO SEE MORE DETAILS.

~~ I am looking for classes to host in Connecticut or Pennsylvania during the weekend of May 10th, or any day around that.  Know of a place that likes classes?  Here's a whole CLASS LIST. The hosts also get an opportunity to be in my little film about outside of the box thinkers, and maybe my little book!

~~Speaking of which, I'm in the middle of self-publishing a book about all of these adventures, and how you, too, can live life the way YOU want it. I am hoping to post a little fundraiser for publishing costs, and can only hope that some of you might be interested in throwing a few pennies my way? I'll have more updates in a few days!

~~ Finally, if you'd like to support this crazy idea and travel happening in a couple of months (yikes!), then feel free to visit my brand NEW SHOPPE HERE! I have finally revamped and housed BOTH my little herbal soapy business AND the art creations in ONE PLACE! So get your organic goods and old world folk art goods in one place! All proceeds go directly to funding my trip--and you get some really lovely quality products while you are at it!

Thank you so very much in advance! And that's the Whole Shebang (for now)!

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