Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Petticoat Junction...

Now returning to our story: When last I left you,  I had been knee deep in antiques. From Iowa.

And there was still a second box, which in a round-about way, had journeyed here because the Iowa connection, yet again...

Cathy Linker Lafrenz was my second stop on the Iowa tour. Besides living in a a dream home FULL of antiques, she was kind enough (or saintly enough, in my point of view) to drive around with me, in between classes, to antique shoppes around town. Come to think of it, given our addiction to outmoded things, we probably were like two kids playing hooky from school, looking for the fastest way to get into trouble.

Neither here nor there...

This would probably be a good segueway to let you know there is something about old clothing that makes me melt. Edwardian and Victorian clothes, are the cat's meow around here. I can't explain it, and it's actually quite contrary to my sort of do-it-yourself-get-out-of-my-way-fiercely-independent-tomboy nature. I mean, I work in dirt, wrangle animals, and Spider-man myself onto concrete roofs in order to care for stinging insects. It's not quite tea-time around here, if you catch my meaning.

Nevertheless, I know enough about my whims to know that tea time, frills and ribbons, and all things whimsically feminine do secretly catch my fancy; these precious vestiges of other worldly womanhood are a curiosity for me. Something about being a "proper lady," gets me, every time.  And for some time, I'd been looking at petticoats, things to wear under my modern day summer dresses. Because, let's face it, this summer is hot; only dresses will do, so perhaps some "proper lady"-dom wouldn't hurt, now would it?

On one of our antique excursions I did, in fact, find a petticoat, one with sweet eyelet edging. I have no idea whether that thing was actually an aged Edwardian or Victorian piece, or a cast off from the hippie era, but it didn't matter. I had my first petticoat, and I guessed it was probably as old as I was, and I scored it for a ridiculous amount. I would probably spend as much for a decent dinner in New York City for that amount!

But something went wrong: like a girl with her first tattoo, I wanted more. Of course, being frugal, I thought to get JUST ONE MORE SET, and I'd make sure that the piece was turn of the (last) century. And so, after scouring, waiting, and pouncing on one of the online auction sites, I managed to bring home THREE Victorian pieces, offered by the same seller. The beauty part? They EACH came out to LESS than the cost of the original antique store petticoat!

Here they are in all their glory!
(click to enlarge)

(l-r: long petticoat skirt, bloomers with flounce, short petticoat skirt)

And here they are on one very happy Victorian wannabe!
White bloomer under petticoat skirt. Close-up, you can see the intricacies of the crochet lace inserts, ribbon work and eyelet work!

Double-checking the fit.....

.....and getting ready to dance for joy!

Needless to say, I am well spent from tons of Happy Dances and General Grinning!

I won't really detail what Sweetheart said, although he took the conventional route that I suppose most people take when their Other Halves decide to buy undergarments to wear, but let's just say the phrase *you want to wear Grandmama's underwear* was uttered a few times, and this may have been accompanied by bouts of head shaking and pitying smiles...

But indeed, I now own some lovely, frilly bastions of old-world beauty. Hmmm, but there's a quandry...they look ever so lonely. Perhaps some outerskirts, gloves, a corset,  a bonnet and a parasol are in order? Did I mention this sort of thing becomes addictive??


Ren@Fairysteps said...

What stunners!!! You look quite the victorian lady in them! Daresay you will treasure them forever so they are in the right hands too! Wonderful post! I had fun reading it! Ren x

Zan Asha said...

Hi Ren!!

Wow, I am so honored that you even read this little blog. I love your work - you are brilliant! Thank you so much for the kind words!!

Blackfeatherfarm said...

I LOVE them !!! And they are very YOU !

Zan Asha said...

Thank you Traci!! Wow, I have to come visiting you--it's been awhile!